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Mario Combat

Mario Combat is an online flash game based around the idea that Mario will advance from level to level and beat up Bowser at the end. Immediately after loading up the game, music greets the player with a resemblance to that of warfare and bloodshed, because that is exactly what this game is all about. The instructions are pretty simple. "Left" and "Right" arrow keys to move, "Up" arrow key to jump, and "A" for attacking. The main premise of the game is for Mario to fight hoards of enemies in each level to advance to the next and to finally defeat Bowser at the end. The setting of the game starts in the midst of battle with turtle coming at Mario. Unlike the method of defeating enemies in the classic Mario games, Mario Combat relies on the system of completely destroying turtles with punch after punch. There are even some combo moves to easily take down groups of enemies. For example, by pressing the "Down" arrow key along with the attack button, "A", Mario will pull off a stunning uppercut to fling enemies into the air. Combos not only damage enemies more, but they also boost Mario's score, which can then be submitted to the online leader boards. Throughout the entire game there is intense music in the background to signal that this Mario Combat game means business, especially when it comes to defeating Bowser. Mario has to make it through 4 levels of constant barrage from Bowser's turtles, each level with it's own design. Sometimes Mario has to jump over certain blocks, other times he has to wall jump to get to higher ground. After the end of the fourth level, Mario reaches the top of the castle, facing Bowser in a one-on-one fist fight. Well that's not entirely true since Bowser has fire breath on his side. Mario has to constantly through constant punches to cause damage to Bowser, seen by a red health bar above his head, and after many hits, he finally goes down. Next, the end game screen comes up along with a final count of Mario's total score.

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